We have delivered hundreds of thousands of merchandising products all over the world on behalf of our clients. What use is merchandise if it doesn’t get into the hands of people that can make a difference, wherever they may be? Our logistical excellence allows us to go beyond a standard merchandise offering and into experiential, pop-up retail. We have created retail experiences in many countries with great success, engaging with the local markets and successfully representing our client's brand. Operating via several offices and multiple warehouses, we offer end-to-end stock management. Wherever you need branded products and apparel, we can provide a comprehensive, bespoke solution.

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As well as delivering merchandise the world over, we have designed, organised, and hosted client events in Brazil, Greece, Dubai, Italy, Spain, Portugal ... we could go on but you get the picture. Merchandising should be an experience. It doesn't matter if you're handing an employee some beautifully branded products or wowing potential customers at a trade show, gifting and the act of giving should be an experience. If you need to add that special something to your merchandising strategy, speak to us. We can help.