We excel at integrating your brand into people's everyday lives through thoughtful product creation. We create products to tell your brand's story. Whether you need a dynamic sales promotion, client or employee gifting to drive loyalty or support at exhibitions and events, we have done it all. Good merchandising should have impact, longevity, and deliver engagement.

Merchandise shouldn’t just be a collection of things, it should be an experience.

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Beautifully designed and crafted promotional products are one of the best ways to get your business noticed. It helps begin or enhance the experience your clients or employees have with your brand. These are just some of the examples of work we have done for customers but when it comes to branding products, the sky is the limit. Speak to us to see how we can help you enhance your brand in the eyes of your customers, staff, or members of the public.

Merchandise Swag Box


Improve your culture and productivity or brand recognition by delivering merchandise straight to employees' or customers' doors.

Merchandise Gift Box

Swag Boxes have increased in popularity over the past years as many employers embrace the distance or home working model for their employees.


The downside of people not being in the office is that it can impact culture and productivity as people drift away from the office experience. Reel them back in by sending them a branded gift box. Let your staff know that you care and brighten their day with some fresh new promotional merchandise.

Tired of virtual meetings that lack substance? Surprise your customers with a box of goodies prior to online meetings to make them (and you) more memorable. 

We can design the boxes for you, help you fill them with branded merchandise, and get them delivered to your customers or employees!  Contact us if you're interested in letting people get their hands on your swag.

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Examples of some items that can be used in a Swag Box are below.



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