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Choosing the right promotional product for your client or employee is essential. A product's value, quality, usefulness and longevity must be considered to ensure the message you send is received in the way it is intended. These considerations also help you choose products that are better for the environment with greater ethical and sustainable credentials. All these things combined give you the best chance of ensuring your corporate merchandise will make a difference in the recipient's life. Make merchandise matter!

Innovation 1st branded headphones
Innovation 1st branded notebook and pen
Innovation 1st branded bag
Innovation 1st branded backpack
Innovation 1st branded apparel and cup
Innovation 1st branded merchandise
Innovation 1st branded pen

Deciding which promotional products to use to best represent your brand can be tough. Innovation 1st is a merchandising agency that specialises in building solutions to suit your business and carry your brand's message. Below are some examples of popular product categories to help you find some direction. For more help, you can contact us and we will be happy to chat through options with you to ensure you and your customers receive the best merchandising experience possible.


Whether it is promotional apparel, uniform or event wear, we can create bespoke clothing solutions to enhance your brand.

3_4 Zip (black)_edited_edited.png
in1st Hoodie.png

Audio Merchandise

Do you need your brand to create some noise? Send a promotional audio product and get your brand heard!

image (4).png
Speaker (engraving).png
Tote bag (black).png


Ever popular, we can supply fully branded bags from shopping bags and backpacks to handbags and everything in between.

Bespoke Bag (black).png

Travel Products

Stay in front of the people who matter even when they are on their travels. Client or employee gifting doesn't have to be a pen and a notebook.

MicrosoftTeams-image (21)_edited.png

Car Merchandise

Keep people's attention even when they are on the move with branded car accessories.

Ice scrapper.png
Phone holder.png


Re-usable, promotional drinkware helps keep your brand on everybody's lips, literally. Sustainable merchandise solutions abound in this category.

Sport bottle.png
Ocean bottle.png


From branded beanies to promotional baseball caps, we can supply headwear for every eventuality.

in1st Cap (1).png

Healthy Living

Healthy employees and clients are happy employees and clients. Encourage people with some promotional healthy living products.

Shoreditch Orange CUT OUT.png
in1st Hat.png
I1 Wireless Earbuds.png

Home and Living

Get your brand everywhere with products and bespoke merchandise that people would be proud to have in their homes. 


Outdoor Products

BBQ equipment, sunglasses and blankets. We can brand anything even the products used in the great outdoors.

in1st Snood.png

Phone Accessories

We depend on our phones for everything. Make sure your clients take care of theirs with some great branded phone accessories.

I1 Flip Grips.png
iPhone case (black).png


Allow your clients and employees to capture their thoughts in a branded notebook. Classic usability with lots of facetime for your brand.

Notebook (black).png
Notebook (orange).png

Tools and Torches

Whatever works for those who work with their hands. Branded tools, meaning tape and torches equip people for all eventualities.

Multi tool.png


Promotional umbrellas are a classic piece of merchandise for a reason. Let your brand shield your clients from the elements.

in1st Umbrella.png
MicrosoftTeams-image (23).png

Pens and Pencils

A staple of merchandising, promotional pens and pencils are a great way of getting your business into the hands of those that matter.

Pen Engrave (light silver).png
Pen w stylis.png

Our team are passionate about merchandising. Send us an email or give us a call on 0204 551 9688 for a no-obligation chat about the best solution for you and your business. You need to make sure your merchandise matters. We can ensure it does.

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