We have been lucky to work with some fantastic clients on amazing projects over they years. Here are some of the highlights.

Sustainability Sewn In.png

100,000 single-use bottles were used in the creation of this stylish range of uniforms for an exposition in Dubai.


We swapped out virgin materials for this apparel, favouring instead to use fabric derived from rPET which was recovered from single-use plastic bottles. Each item was produced to the highest standard and is just as comfy and hard-wearing as a non-recycled alternative.


As a result, manufacturing with rPET over virgin fabric used 86% less water, 70% less energy, and 75% less CO2.


16 bottles to

make one polo

20 bottles to

make one gilet

2.7 bottles to

make one cap

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1.5 bottles to

make one pair of shoelaces

We took a fresh look at integrating product design with craftsmanship and technology, ethical sourcing, and production to deliver a stylish merchandise range and a  team kit with flair; emblematic of the spirit and technological prowess of the brand.


During this project, we produced apparel including a team kit, a web store for fanware, and other branded merchandise products. All designed in-house and delivered to the highest standard.

Toy Cheetah
Model car merchandise
Web store

For large workforces spread over multiple locations web stores offer many advantages for marketing managers  and teams when it comes to ordering pre-approved, fully branded merchandise. 

We delivered a bespoke web store, crammed with branded content that offered a range of merchandising options that were produced and supplied by Innovation 1st.

The ease of use, user-friendly interface, and simplicity of access ensured this was a hit. Up-to-date merchandising ranges were available with the click of a mouse and all contained in a secure online environment.