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We have been lucky to work with some fantastic clients on amazing projects over the years. Thoughtful promotional products and merchandising programmes reap benefits for you, your customers and your employees. Make merchandise matter.

Shell pop up stand at Goodwood Festival of Speed
Sheel Greece Promotional Timeline
Bespoke espresso set
US Shell merchandise collections

Shell Heritage

a big story in a nut 'Shell'

Shell Heritage is the Shell brand predating 1995, mainly referencing the golden eras of motoring in the 50’s and 60’s. Shell has the largest corporate artwork collection and an amazing auto industry heritage. With some 40,000 assets and the associated nostalgia, we initially developed collectable ranges for sales promotions in their modern retail sites.


The demand for the Shell Heritage brand exploded!


We have since rolled out a global licensing programme to put Shell Heritage products into retail channels. We have also designed and built activations at events like Goodwood Revival, The Spa Grand Prix and operational vintage petrol stations to give people that retro motoring experience. Our latest report estimated that over 10 million people were using Shell Licensed products.

DS Techeetah Formula e

A winning formula

For DS Techeetah, we took a fresh look at integrating product design with craftsmanship and technology, ethical sourcing, and production to deliver a stylish merchandise range and a team kit with flair; emblematic of the spirit and technological prowess of the brand.


We designed and built the DS Techeetah web shop, a tailored e-commerce solution fully managed by the Innovation 1st team, where fans can browse and shop the full range of official merchandise including apparel, caps, toys and accessories. We work with their marketing and social media team to promote the products and drive visibility online.


From design, and sourcing to production, we supplied customised team kits to the drivers and DS Techeetah Formula E Racing Team. This custom apparel is of exceptionally high quality, allowing the drivers and the team to perform at their best in the challenging conditions they experience worldwide.


Via our licensing partner, we created an officially licensed range of model cars for retail. These highly detailed formula e cars were a big hit online and trackside.

Formula E DS Techeetah fan wear
Formula E model cars
DS Techeetah Big Cat Sanctuary Plush Toy
DS Techeetah e-commerce store
DS Techeetah Logo
Formula E Jaguar Racing Lego set
Speed Champions Formula E Jaguar Lego set
Lego Formula E Lego set

Lego x Formula e

Building Brilliance

Jaguar Racing's Formula e cars were miniaturised and gamified by the world's most recognised building company, Lego.

Being immortalised in Lego is on the bucket list for many brands and it was no different for Jaguar Racing's Formula e team.


Their Gen 2 car was lovingly recreated alongside their ePace model to feature as a part of Lego's Speed Champions range.

This fantastic collector's item was released via the Lego store and through our own digital channels performing well as a retail item. 

This serves as a great example of how merchandising can be more creative than a pen or a cup.

DP World

Sustainability Sewn In

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in merchandising and apparel procurement. We are delighted to offer alternatives to more traditional products and this work we did for our client DP World underpins the ease with which good sustainable initiatives can be introduced into merchandising campaigns.

100,000 recycled single-use bottles were used in the creation of this stylish range of uniforms for an exposition in Dubai.


Instead of using virgin materials for this apparel, favouring instead to use fabric derived from rPET which was recovered from single-use plastic bottles. Each item was produced to the highest standard and is just as comfy and hard-wearing as a non-recycled alternative.


As a result, manufacturing with rPET over virgin fabric used 86% less water, 70% less energy, and 75% less CO2.

Sustainable branded baseball cap
Sustainable branded polo shirts

16 bottles for one polo shirt

Branded gilet made from recycled plastic bottles
Branded footwear featuring laces made from recycled plastic bottles

1.5 bottles make one pair of laces

2.7 bottles make one cap

20 bottles to make

one gilet

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